Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled

Unfortunately, with the current Global pandemic involving COVID-19 and the current health orders, we have decided to cancel this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. This is not something that we have been faced with prior, and certainly not something that we wanted to do, but we must. In being a good community partner we pride ourselves with the amount of public interaction and involvement of our members and as a fire district. As first responders, sworn to protect life, we must take action to cancel this event as we are still very early in the crisis.

Yearly our event brings HUNDREDS out to the firehouse property, children of all ages, parents, grandparents, and puts all of you into close quarters. We love the interaction of having each and every one of you stopping in to see your firehouse, firefighters, and take those annual photos with the fire trucks. We will miss you and our families too will miss this opportunity to gather.

There will be other events, we will continue as always to persevere, and we will get through this together.

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