Tips to Avoid Potential Identity Fraud and Scams

Ways to keep your personal information safe from potential Identity Fraud and Scams..
* DO NOT carry your social security card on your person
* CHANGE passwords every couple months containing information with bank accounts and credit cards
* DO NOT give out information over the phone and always check with your financial institution or cardholders if a problem has been reported with your account
* Get your mail EVERY DAY and shred any mail that has identifiers such as your date of birth, social security number and account numbers

According to the Ohio Revised Code IDENTITY FRAUD is any person that is trying to use, obtain or possess your personal identifying information such as your social security number, date of birth, address or credit card/debit card information with the intent to use that information to identify themselves with your personal information. When personal information is taken from a person and it is used to obtain items that are valued within $1,000 and less than $7,500 dollars it can be charged as a Felony of the Fourth Degree.

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