Weekend Activity: Spring Cleaning for the Birds

Landlords: are you ready for the spring and summer residents moving into the accommodations offered in your backyard? Now is a great time to ready birdhouses for their occupants.

Ohio’s cavity-nesting birds, like eastern bluebirds or house wrens, will soon begin looking for places to raise their broods. Properly designed and properly placed nest boxes in your backyard can provide for their needs as well as offer an opportunity for you to learn more about avian family life. Native house wrens, tree swallows, tufted titmice, chickadees, and bluebirds move into accommodations without checking carefully for hidden hazards. As the landlord, you can contribute to their nesting success by investing a few moments in routine maintenance.

Find more resources for attracting birds here: http://ow.ly/35Cx50yytuG

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