CLASS Student Recognition Program

Congrats to this month’s students! Hayden Hankinson and Grace James.

CLASS Student Recognition Program
“Committed to Learning & Always Striving to Succeed”

First-Knox National Bank would like to implement a recognition program at Centerburg, Danville, and Fredericktown High Schools, beginning fall 2019. The program will recognize 1 scholar (i.e. a student in an organization or activity other than a sport, or a student is working hard and meets the criteria) and 1 athlete each month from October through April. Details are as follows:

The program is designed to recognize senior students who work hard, put in effort, “show up” every day, but may not have the highest GPA or get the most playing time. First-Knox will provide the criteria (see below) from which the students can be chosen.

Students will be selected by the school via the principal, a group of identified teachers/administrators, or other method identified by the school.
The program will begin in October and run through April, for a total of 14 students recognized at each school.
Students will be recognized as follows: press release announcing the award; Facebook post; photo hung in the branch “Wall of Fame”; certificate signed by local branch manager and bank president; basket of First-Knox goodies; $100 gift certificate; presentation conducted by local office manager and president if the school is able to accommodate.
At the end of the school year, likely in June, each school’s recognized students from all 3 schools will be invited to a celebration breakfast or luncheon. First-Knox will select one student from each school (among the year’s recognized students) to receive a $1,000 cash scholarship, for a total of 3 scholarships.

Criteria for consideration:

  • Student must have a 95% attendance in the previous 30 days
  • Student must not have received any disciplinary action in the previous 30 days
  • Student may have a GPA up to 3.25
  • Student must display a positive attitude, perhaps overcoming a challenge in their life (could be medical, physical, emotional, or other)
  • Student must work hard, but does not and would preferably not be at the top of the class or the star player (but could be if meets other criteria)
  • Maintains a positive oulook and supports others

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