Fredericktown Interchurch Update

There seems to be a lot of conversation around town about Fredericktown Interchurch (FISS) so this seems to be a good time to post an update. FISS purchased the lot and building last summer and has been in discussions with the Interchurch Board concerning remodeling/rebuilding. A generous benefactor has come to us offering to help with this project which will allow FISS to expand and become more user-friendly. First Presbyterian Church in Fredericktown has offered to let FISS use two unused rooms in their basement, while the remodel takes place, which we are considering. At this time we plan to keep the Food Pantry and Financial Aid services in Fredericktown but not sure if we will have a Thrift Store during renovations. Updates will be posted as new information becomes available.
Please contact FISS at 740-694-8110 if you have questions or comments. Thank you.

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