Winter Fun for Animals

Winter is in full swing and it may seem like Spring is ages away. But winter can be a fantastic time to get outside and view your local wildlife. Some wildlife may be more visible because of the bare trees and thin undergrowth. Other animals, like the snow bunting and snowy owl only visit Ohio in the winter.

What can you do to stay warm and safe while out exploring in the chilly weather? One of the most important tips for staying warm is to dress in layers. Dressing in several thin layers of warm fabrics such as wool, flannel, and fleece is better than just one or two bulky, thick layers. Keep your feet dry with waterproof boots or covers and don’t forget to cover your head, neck, ears, and hands. Make sure not to skip breakfast and to eat calorie rich snacks throughout the day to keep your body temperature up. And while you may not feel thirsty when you are cold, its important to stay hydrated.

Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying winter wildlife! Bundle up, get out and explore!

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