Vehicle VS Buggy Accident

R482 and EMS481 responded to a vehicle vs. buggy on the west side of the district. Mutual aid received from Utica EMS, Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District, and College Township Fire Department, in order to transport all six patients. Thanks to all that responded.

3 thoughts on “Vehicle VS Buggy Accident

  1. I’m truly saddened by these accidents as they always seem to happen by distracted drivers or fate. With that being said The English and Amish neighbor’s have always been allies to be able to enjoy living this beautiful rural lifestyle. I would love to call on our fine local representatives don’t care about what party your with and allocate my tax money to adding extra berms on the major roads in the rurals of Knox county and get more signs that are bigger so folks can be reminded that we share our roads with horse and buggy. I hope this starts a movement towards all English and Amish are safe thank you

    1. I disagree. Until they start paying road tax like we do by buying plates for their vehicles, I don’t want them on our roads.

      1. They pay more than a plate/tax cost on those buggies. They pay a mo they tithes to their churches, who in turn pay that to the counties. Plus, everytime they hire a driver, gas tax is paid. So you might want to rethink your narrow view. Holmes county paved all their roads (back dirt ones) with that money a few years back.

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