Antler Shed Hunting: How to Find Them

Deer antler shed hunting is a fun way to spend time outdoors and explore during the winter months. But, where should you start looking?

First, make sure you have proper permission to search for and collect sheds from the area you plan to shed hunt. If you are looking for sheds on private property, be sure to get written permission from the landowner. If hunting on public property, such as a wildlife area or park, check for any specialized regulations for that location before heading out.

Once you’re out on the hunt, try to think like a deer. Where would you go? The first place to look for sheds in near abundant food sources. Because food is limited in the winter, deer tend to feed aggressively and bucks often jar their antlers loose in the process.

Next, search in bedding areas. Deer will bed down at night in thick areas of brush where they are protected from the elements and predators. Getting into these tight spots may knock an antler loose. Bonus tip – search south facing slopes where deer love to warm up in the sun.

Finally, check along fence rows, stream crossings, or anywhere that a deer may need to jump or move quickly to cross. These quick movements will likely result in a dropped antler.

Happy shed hunting!

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