Attracting Wildlife in Winter: Roosting Boxes, Cover, & Shelter

Just like us, backyard wildlife struggle to stay warm this time of year and seek out the safety and warmth of shelter to survive. You can help wildlife this winter by providing roosting boxes and cover in your backyard.

Roost boxes are different from regular nest boxes. A good roost box is designed to prevent the birds’ body heat from escaping, so it has fewer ventilation holes than a nest box. The entrance hole is also near the bottom of the box to keep the rising warm air inside. A few bird species that might use a roosting box in your backyard include chickadees, titmice, screech owls, and some woodpeckers.

You can also help wildlife simply by not tidying up your yard! Creating a brush pile or forgoing cutting down a dead tree (as long as it’s safe to do so) are great ways to help wildlife find critical places to shelter during the colder months.

Learn more about providing roost boxes and find roost box plans:

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