Transmitter Placed on Snowy Owl

Left to right: Black Swamp Bird Observatory Research Director Mark Shieldcastle, Detroit / Wayne Airport Biologist Selena Creed, and BSBO Staff Ornithologist, Ryan Jacob.
The lightweight GPS/GSM transmitters do not impede the owl’s behavior at all. They record the bird’s location, altitude and flight speed as frequently as every six seconds.

One of our partners, Black Swamp Bird Observatory in NW Ohio, coordinated with Project SNOWstorm and the Detroit/Wayne Airport to place a radio transmitter on a snowy owl! This transmitter will record data as the bird spends time in its wintering grounds and then returns back to its breeding ground in the arctic tundra.

Biologists must be permitted by the United States Geological Survey and ODNR Division of Wildlife. This ensures that biologists are properly trained in bird handling, banding, and research protocols.

The Division of Wildlife relies on several partners for research on Ohio’s wildlife including citizens like you. Learn more about citizen science in Ohio:

Visit The Black Swamp Bird Observatory to learn more about Wolverine the Owl.

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