New Year Resolutions for Nature: Wildlife-friendly Backyard

There are tons of ways you can help wildlife during the cold winter months. The best way is to provide wildlife with more habitat, making it easier for them to find food, water, and shelter! One easy way to do this is to provide a continual water source. Even though it’s cold, wildlife still needs to drink which can be difficult when most water sources are frozen over. A birdbath is great for a wide range of species. To keep the water clean and ice-free, replace it daily or a few times a day if needed. Other options to keep the water from freezing include adding a small mister or dripper to keep the water moving or an immersion heater. But, whatever you do never add antifreeze to your birdbath, as it can harm the birds.

Learn more about maintaining bird baths throughout the winter, and consider giving it a try! Your backyard wildlife will thank you!…/attract-birds-with-birdbat…/

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