What is a School Resource Officer (SRO)?

Pictured is School Resource Officer (SRO) Ronny Flynn as he leads a group of Fredericktown Local School students through a course of instruction in A.L.I.C.E. (Alert. Lock Down. Inform. Counter. Evacuate).

Many people know that a SRO is deployed in a school system to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff, but did you know that this position provides a multitude of other services and benefits beyond just security?

Fredericktown Police Department Chief of Police Kyle Johnson is a strong proponent of the “triad concept” to define the three main roles of a school resource officer: educator (i.e. guest lecturer), informal counselor/mentor, and law enforcement officer.

Fredericktown Police Department Officer Ronny Flynn is deployed at the Fredericktown Local Schools (FLS) as a School Resource Officer.

Chief Johnson recently remarked that, “SRO Ronny Flynn does a tremendous job of balancing all of these roles on a daily basis at Fredericktown Local Schools.” Chief Johnson went on to say that he frequently visits the school to monitor SRO Flynn in the performance of his duties and it is clear to him that Flynn is making a positive impact as evidenced by the positive interactions that he observes between SRO Flynn and FLS students and staff.

Chief Johnson stated that he is, “Confident that the SRO position is making a positive impact, not only at FLS, but the Fredericktown community as a whole. If we are building a positive law enforcement relationship with our youth population now, just imagine how valuable that will be as they become the adults of our community.”


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