Outstanding Warrants

Every so often we like to post outstanding warrants. Below is a list of warrants from the past several years, including the case numbers. Please notify law enforcement if you know the whereabouts of any of the following individuals:
Thank you!

Al-Fayez, Rakan 18TRC02445
Alls, Terrael 17TRC02483
Barcus, Robert 16TRC02217
Bare, Herbert 18CRB00016
Bartimus, Joel 14CRB01049
Boyes, Todd 14CRB00225
Boysaw, Serena 18CRB00916
Burkett, Roy 15CRB01133
Butcher, Brandy 17CRB00717
Chavez, Alma 10CRB00541
Cheek, Randy 17CRB01383
Conner, Nathan 12CRB00271
Crouse, Dawn 11TRC03601
Diaz-Rivera, Valarie 17CRB01059
Dotson, Tronie 16CRB00893
Fisher, Latasha 16CRB00170
Fitchpatrick, Levi 17CRB00260
Frazee, Lee 19CRB00732
Graham, Christopher 19TRC00129
Hemsworth, Timothy 17CRB00616
Jackson, Christopher 17CRB00027
James, Joshua 17TRC01321
Jewett, Kristy 18CRB00204
Jones, Brian 18CRB00335
LeBlanc, James 13TRC02691
Lutgen, Erica 18CRB00431
McClain, Thomas 17TRD02537
McKinney, Matthew 08TRC01155
Meadows, Stephen 12TRD04481
Moran, Amber 13CRB00330
Morris, Billie 14CRB00595
Morris, Harley 14CRB00597
Mele, Heather 18TRD02411
Moore, Willie 17CRB00540
Noland, Sarah 11CRB00438
Parr, Todd 19CRB00060
Perrill, Nathan 16TRC04266
Phillips, Todd 09TRC01404
Price, Darren 12CRB00663
Quinones, Jose 16TRC03440
Roy, Darrin 14TRC03268
Ruiz, Herculano 10TRC02911
Schnars, Mason 18CRB00831
Shull, Noah 18CRB01222
Smith, Robert 17CRB00504
Stewart, Christopher 18TRD01022
Stewart, Jacob 18CRB00398
Summerlin, Marsha 15CRB01041
Thomas, Andre 17CRB01334
Tomlin, Dakota 17CRB01217
Utt, Scott 15CRB00094
Ward, Tyler 15CRB01101
Wojdacz, Colin 19CRB00737
Wood, Jonathan 12CRB01079
Woolen, Faith 11TRC01134

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