New Sewage Program

A new sewage program goes into effect on January 1 in Knox County. After the first of the year, the Knox County Health Department will begin to administer a new program for operation and maintenance of all Knox County households with their own septic systems.

The process is no small task, involving more than 18,000 households. It’s part of a statewide update of household sewage rules that were enacted by the Ohio Legislature in 2015 – the first update in nearly 40 years.

The rules establish new modern standards for system construction, alteration, and maintenance when a septic system fails or breaks and must be altered or replaced, or when a new system is installed. The new rules also mandate all homeowners to obtain a permit to operate their septic systems and puts in place a routine assessment and maintenance program to be completed for each system every 10 years.

“With such a large number of households and limited staff, it will take some time for the new program to be implemented,” said Environmental Health Director Nate Overholt. “However, we are committed to bringing Knox County in line with the state rules and working with local residents to determine the status of their system and what is best to keep their systems in good working order.”

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