To Save a Bird of Prey

State Wildlife Officer Matt Teders recently received a call about an injured hawk near a park in London, Ohio. Officer Teders responded to the call and observed a raptor sitting on the rim of a trash can in the pouring rain. Through binoculars, Officer Teders was surprised to see that the raptor was a peregrine falcon. Although it was injured it was still able to fly for short distances and could make it far enough to elude Officer Teders. Eventually, Officer Teders was able to capture the bird with a net. Thankfully, this wounded critter wasn’t flying at its maximum speed of 200 mph!

Once the bird was in the net, Officer Teders requested help from the London Police Department, and Officer Michael Coombs arrived to assist. He and Officer Teders worked together to gently remove the tangled net from the falcon’s sharp talons. All the while, the falcon was angry and resisted the help. Ultimately, the officers were able to remove the feisty falcon from the net. The falcon was transported to the rehabilitation facility at Glen Helen Raptor Center in Yellow Springs, where it will receive the utmost care.

Read more about what to do if you spot an injured wild animal: London Ohio Police

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