Yellow Jacket Drive Extension

Yellow Jacket Drive Extension is now open between Division Street and Cougar Drive.  This summer we will make some additional permanent changes to improve accessibility and functionality.  The outer loop between the Middle School and High School will remain ONE WAY with two-lane traffic to facilitate CURBSIDE drop off and left lane exit.
AM Parent Drop Off – Map: 
We will continue to utilize the upper parking lot for morning BUS drop off.  Parents, please refrain from dropping off in the upper BUS parking loop.  We will continue utilizing the outside loop between the HS/MS for student /parent drop off.  All drop-offs should be CURBSIDE.
High School Drop-Off Area
  • High School Parents will drop off CURBSIDE along the main entrance of the High School.  Once your child is dropped off you can, with caution and safety, work your way to the left-hand exit lane.
Middle School Drop-Off Area
  • Middle School Parents will drop off CURBSIDE along the cafeteria side of the Middle School.  IMPORTANT REMINDER: Middle School parents your drop off will not be at the corner by the library now that the outer loop is open.  Please pull up to the cafeteria side for drop off.
  • EXITING procedures.  The ONE WAY outer loop will exit onto the new Yellow Jacket Drive.  There will be two exit lanes (Left Lane -LEFT ; Right lane -RIGHT).  Please use caution and safety when moving into your respective exit lane.

PM Parent Pickup

We will continue with the same pickup procedures with  Buses being the only vehicles on the Outer Loop.  Parents will have plenty of parking in the parking areas between the MS/HS.  When exiting the parking lot all vehicles will exit onto the outer loop on the MS side adjacent to Yellow Jacket Drive.  When buses begin moving all traffic will be stopped until all buses have exited.


PLEASE See Map for a visual clarification.

Please slow down and Be safe!

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