Village Encourages Mulching

It is that time of year again – leaves are falling! We strongly encourage residents to mulch their leaves where they fall if at all possible, as the decomposed leaves provide rich nutrients for lawns over the winter. Many residents choose to mulch over raking for this reason and/or the environmental benefits of mulching as opposed to raking (mulching also takes far less effort than raking). However, the Service Department will be collecting raked leaves throughout the month of November (as long as snow/ice doesn’t interfere).

Residents may rake leaves to the right of way along the street, but please DO NOT rake leaves into the street as that would be hazardous to motorists and may cause an accident. Once snow/ice set in, we will strip the leaf collecting equipment from the truck and install the snowplow and saltbox for the winter. Thank you for helping keep Fredericktown beautiful!

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