Fredericktown Weekly Police Report – Oct 09, 2019

Fredericktown Weekly Police Report – Oct 09, 2019
(Information courtesy of The Fredericktown Police Department)

Disturbance on Colony Drive.
Disturbance on North Main Street.
Animal-related complaint on South Chestnut Street.

Welfare check on South Main Street.
Traffic complaint on State Route 13.
Nathan E. Tillier, Holly, Michigan, citation for speed.

Domestic violence complaint on South Main Street.
James D. Ervin II, Fredericktown, was arrested on domestic violence.

Parking complaint on East Sandusky.
Animal-related complaint on South Main Street.
Suspicious vehicle on South Main Street.
Juvenile related complaint on Ebersole Avenue.
Traffic-related complaint on West Sandusky Street.
Harassment complaint on Taylor Street.
Assisted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on State Route 13.

Traffic complaint on Miami Avenue.
Assisted the Fredericktown Fire Department on South Main Street.
Disabled vehicle on Mount Vernon Avenue.
Disturbance on Posey Drive.

Theft report on Bollinger Drive.
Disturbance on High Street.
Non-injury crash on Malibu Circle.
Suspicious person(s) on West Sandusky Street.
Suspicious person(s) on Simons Avenue.
Assault on Posey Drive.

Vandalism complaint on Columbus Road.
Commercial alarm on Village Parkway.
Disturbance on Posey Drive.