NIH Announces Winners of High School Mental Health Essay Contest

Speaking Up About Mental Health! essays explored stigma and social barriers in seeking mental health treatment.

The National Institutes of Health announces 10 winners of the “Speaking Up About Mental Health! This Is My Story” national essay challenge, which was designed to spur conversations among youth about mental health and encourage them to seek support for themselves and others.… Read full story

Fredericktown Columbia Gas Contractors

Recently we have received several calls where residents were concerned about the validity of contractors that are going door-to-door in the Village of Fredericktown. The contractors are claiming that they were hired by Columbia Gas to change gas service regulators. We have spoken with Columbia Gas and verified that they have indeed hired Miller Pipeline to complete this work in the Fredericktown area.… Read full story

ICYMI: Columbus Dispatch: 61,000 Ohio Households Would Lose Food Stamps Under Trump’s Proposal

Proposed Rule Would Take Food from Children and Families, Undermines Bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In Case You Missed It, yesterday the Columbus Dispatch reported that 61,000 Ohio households would lose food stamp benefits under a new rule proposed by the Trump Administration.… Read full story