The Lonesome Gamer – Part #1

These blogs are written from the perspective of a solo gamer, none of my friends play “games” (unless it’s Candy Crush :/) so it’s just me, on my own, by myself, alone….


But.. why on Earth do you want to play board games on your own??


Well, I find it relaxing to step away from electronic gadgets for a while and use brainpower to work out the best method of winning the game whilst not getting killed in the process! Also there are no arguments, no Alpha-Gamer (?? yes.. in another Blog), no “sorry, I have to go” episodes, no shouting “it’s your turn!” while the other player(s) constantly look at their phone then shout “so what do I do?” (aarrgghhh!). It may be hard to get everyone’s schedule together to play games, and it’s a great way to learn the game first if you do play it with others. It’s also relaxing as you can play it at your own pace and even leave the game set up and keep coming back to it at any time until you’ve finished it.


There are many games that can be played solo. There are true solo games that can only be played with a single player, there are cooperative games where everyone is working together but you, as a solo player, can play multiple characters (this is something I do a LOT on my YouTube gaming channel). Then there are competitive games where everyone is playing against each other. These are harder to play solo but some can be done.


Whichever way you like to play you can guarantee that there will be a game for you, whether it’s attracting the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves, gathering resources and expanding your Empire or even terraforming Mars ready for colonization! There’s ALWAYS a game for you!


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