Attention Danville Cheerleaders Alumni

Originally posted by Mike Vess
We have been working on getting a Cheerleaders alumni game. Well, it’s finally going to happen it has been approved. The 1st one will be next season along with the alumni band.
This is the agenda so far you will march with the band from the school to the football field. Then you will do the fight song. Then the run through. And then give me a D cheer and a few other pregame cheers.  I am so excited that this is finally going to happen.
I want to thank Lisa Muncie and Lindsey Sheldon for pushing all the right buttons to make this happen and I want to thank Joeleen Burdine-Mellars for the idea. We were talking one day and she asked me why can’t we have a cheerleaders alumni game? I said I’ll find out and here we are. Lisa and Lindsey will be putting together a Facebook event page soon.
Hope we have a huge turnout.


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