Weekend Activity: Build a Roost Box

It’s warm now, but colder months are coming! And when it gets colder, our backyard birds will be seeking protected places to roost or sleep. In the winter, a few species of songbirds (the ones that nest in tree cavities or birdhouses in spring) will use roost boxes to stay warm. Among them: chickadees, titmice, screech owls, and some woodpeckers.

Roosting boxes are actually different from regular nest boxes. A good roost box is designed to prevent the birds’ body heat from escaping, so it has fewer ventilation holes than a nest box. The entrance hole is also near the bottom of the box to keep the rising warm air inside.

Learn more about providing roost boxes for birds, and check out our roost box plans so you can build one or two for your feathered friends: http://ow.ly/oJFq30fkA6I

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