Covered Bridge Appreciation Dinner

The Bridge of Dreams on the Mohican Valley Trail was the backdrop of a very special evening for the Knox County Park District. Staff prepared a “Covered Bridge” Appreciation Dinner for our numerous volunteers, supporters, and partners who help in maintaining our parks and trails and help with our public programming. These people are truly what makes this Park District what it is because without the support of these remarkable people we could not accomplish what we do! Tonight, we recognized a very special couple, Buck and Norma Laughrey for their numerous years of service to the Mohican Valley Trail. Buck was at one time the Mayor of Brinkhaven so this area at the Bridge of Dreams is very dear to him. Pictured are Park Director, Lori Totman; Norma Laughrey; Park Board Commissioner, Gloria Parsisson and Buck Laughrey. Please take the time to scroll through the faces who continue to make this Park District what it is. Hats Off to a great multitude of volunteers and partners!! Thank you for sharing your evening with us!

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