Nature Preserves: Watchable Wildlife

Wildlife is fun to watch all year round, but fall is one of the best times to view wildlife as they tirelessly prepare for winter. Squirrels scurry to find and store nuts, birds are seen flying overhead on their journey south, and countless other animals can be viewed as they get ready for colder months ahead.

While Ohio has plenty of fantastic areas to view wildlife, state nature preserves provide 136 locations throughout Ohio which are teeming with wildlife and perfect for fall wildlife watching. Nature preserves aim to allow the public to visit and enjoy the area with the least amount of physical impact. In areas with fragile habitats, boardwalks are often provided. Interpretive signage explaining the natural and cultural history of each site is also available at many preserves.

Get out and enjoy the fall season and see what wildlife you can find on Ohio’s preserves. For more information and to find a preserve near you, visit:

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