Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 05, 2019

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 05, 2019
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

A complainant reported a burglary that occurred at their residence. The complainant further advised that their mother’s property was stolen. A report was filed on August 31st, 2019.

Brandon Butler, of Mount Vernon, was charged with disorderly conduct on September 4th, 2019.

A victim called to report that an unknown person had called the residence and stated that he could help with the in-home computer but it would cost $850. He was instructed to go to Wal-Mart and to get gift cards to pay for the service. The victim went to Wal-Mart and used his Discover credit card to purchase 2 gift cards with a total value of $850 and then returned home and gave the caller the numbers of the gift cards on September 4th, 2019.

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