Bingo at the Tomato Show

BINGO IS ON!!! We know you missed it on the Fourth of July, but it is back. The members of the Fredericktown Firefighters Association would like to thank The Fredericktown Tomato Show Board for their efforts in making this possible. Without their commitment and assistance, this annual fundraiser would not happen.

The operation of BINGO has been a long-standing tradition at the show, and one that many look forward to. Without it, many of the other philanthropy projects we sponsor and support would cease to exist.

Bingo will operate during the Tomato Show during the following hours per the license, 5:00 pm-10: 00 pm Wednesday through Saturday!

Look for us in the same big red tent as always at the corner of North Main and West Second Street.

2 thoughts on “Bingo at the Tomato Show

  1. To whom it may concern I like information regarding the bingo game at the Fredericktown tomato show I like to know who the person who’s in charge of it and a name address telephone number the reason is I like to contact the dammit Festival to possible have Bingo next year for their Festival I have all the equipment and everything but I don’t have the the sheets that the they use at the bingo game I like to have copies of that to present to the board 4 Day Dam Emmett Festival to talk about considered doing quarter Bingo next year I talk to Mayor Richard Dick Mavis he was going to pass the information on to the committee talk to Pat Crowe before he resigned and I said I would get information from Fredericktown on how they operate the game how they figure the payouts and how they keep track of the money they take in so I would like some help with this and please send me back a name and a contact person that I can call to talk to more about this sincerely Tony Smith I always enjoy coming up there to the Tomato show to play quarter bingo so I’m glad they’re having it this year thank you very much

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