“…and you are?”

Hi, It’s Andy, back again with another blog on TableTop Games. So, exactly who am I?


Well, I would class myself as a Geek / Nerd. I have posters on the wall, I own around 100 tabletop games, I have an electronic drum kit, love playing computer games and I’m a big collector of Magic props and books. I have been an IT teacher, a cashier at a toy shop and even took the photo finish photographs at a greyhound racing stadium! Definitely not your average adult. 🙂

The first board game I bought when I was a kid was what’s called a “Fantasy Dungeon Crawler” called DungeonQuest… I was so excited to get it home, and when I opened it and saw all the pieces I immediately set the game up and started playing… and boy was it brutal! You could be playing it for 30 minutes and die instantly on a die roll but it just made me want to play it more and more!



In DungeonQuest, players explore the ruins of Castle Dragonfire trying to reach the treasure chamber in the centre of the dungeon and escape alive with as much treasure as possible. A limited number of turns before the game ends puts pressure on players to take risks and score rewards because anyone left in the dungeon when time runs out dies! A tile-laying system creates the maze-like dungeon and ensures that no two games are ever exactly the same.

Don’t let people put you off, don’t let people tell you that you are too old to be paying “kids games”, you are NEVER too old to play games and it’s games that keep our minds active, it’s gaming that keep us in touch with family and friends and encourages socialization… and it’s games that show you just how ruthless and devious people can really be!


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