Weekend Activity: Plant for Pollinators

In honor of National Pollinator Week – you guessed it – we encourage you to plant for pollinators this weekend! Our Milkweeds and Monarchs Guide isn’t just about milkweed, it also lists other plant species native to Ohio that would be great additions to any pollinator garden: http://ow.ly/9XvN30kCFZ2

Be sure to plant native wildflowers- hybrids and cultivars might look showy but they often lack the pollen and nectar essential to pollinators! Try to plant flowers that bloom throughout the season; this will keep your garden beautiful all summer long and help pollinators!

Did you know that some native flowers have ultraviolet “landing strips” that attract pollinators and guide them to the pollen? These strips are invisible to humans, but they are visible to pollinators such as bees and lure them into flowers that might appear drab to the human eye.

Find more tips and information on what you can do to help pollinators on the Pollinator Partnership website: http://pollinator.org/7things

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