As Bear Sightings Increase Remember to Bear-Proof Your Yard

Bears are starting to wake up from their winter-long naps! Approximately 70 different black bears are reported annually in the Buckeye State. Sightings of Ohio’s largest mammal generally rise during the summer due to young males dispersing in search of mates. Every year, several of these bears are associated with nuisance situations. To limit property damage, consider removing bird feeders and stop feeding birds between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Removing uneaten pet food, keeping trash inside until the scheduled pick-up day, and cleaning up after grilling are other important steps you can take to deter bears and reduce conflicts. Taking such steps helps prevent bears from associating food with the presence of people and forces the bear to move on.

If you see a bear, leave it alone and report your sighting at The black bear is listed as an endangered species in Ohio and is protected by state law.

Learn more about where you might see a black bear in Ohio and what to do if you encounter one:

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