Bubble Biomes

High School student teaching inside the coral reef biome.After preparing for and taking a three-hour comprehensive exam in the spring, AP biology students are still in class but ready to “lighten up” from their studies.  This year, they finished their schooling with a biome bubble project.  Biomes, large naturally occurring communities of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, were extensively researched.  Students created their biome of choice -desert, rainforest, coral reef, benthic ocean, pelagic Preschool students entering the biome.zone or space-by fabricating a large inflatable bubble out of plastic painters’ tarps which they seamed (taped together) and then inflated using an ordinary house fan.  Inside, students placed the appropriate plants and animals as well as sounds and smell for each of the biomes.  KCCC preschool students from Mrs. Jarosz’s class were able to come to the high school, enter each biome and be taught about the biomes by the AP students.  Fifth graders from Pleasant Street also participated in this learning opportunity and served as guest judges to determine their favorite biome. The coral reef biome (complete with reef music and bubbles) was declared the winner!  


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