Scam Alert

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn residents about a recent scam attempt. Our office was contacted by a local resident that received a phone call indicating that they were due a $299.99 refund associated with their Microsoft security plan. They were then connected via computer with the scammer and instructed to complete information online concerning the refund.

When the victim checked her account, $29,999.99 had been deposited instead of $299.99. She was then told to withdraw $20,000 and FedEx or UPS the money to a location in California. The victim was told that if she did not comply, she would lose all funds in her accounts. While checking, the victim discovered that the money deposited in her checking account had actually been transferred from her savings account.

The victim became concerned and contacted the sheriff’s office. Deputies were able to recover the funds prior to the cash being shipped. The victim also discovered that her computer had been remotely locked by the scammer.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office urges everyone not to ship money or wire funds to people that they do not know. Do not give out personal information, if you did not initiate the call. If you are concerned, or suspicious contact law enforcement before you act.

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