Ohio Attorney General Yost Calls on the State Medical Board to Immediately Suspend License of Dr. William Husel Due to Allegations of Failure to Properly Administer Drugs to at least 34 Patients

(COLUMBUS, OH)—Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today called for the State Medical Board of Ohio to immediately suspend Dr. William Husel’s, D.O., license to practice medicine in Ohio amid allegations that he ordered excessively high doses of fentanyl and other drugs for critically ill or near end-of-life patients at the Mount Carmel Health System.

“It looks like we may have a killer with a medical license and access to fentanyl on the loose,” said Attorney General Yost. “It’s time to yank his license and let the police do their work.”

Multiple lawsuits were filed in the past two weeks by the families of the victims in Franklin County Common Pleas Court alleging that Husel ordered excessive, lethal doses of narcotic pain medication for at least 34 patients who were critically ill or near death under his care. The hospital has announced that Husel, other physicians, nurses, and pharmacists have been terminated or removed from patient care as a result of these allegations. In at least some of the cases, patients or their family members were not consulted about the treatment ordered by the physician.

If the Board summarily suspends Husel’s license, it will trigger his right to a hearing in seven to 15 days. Husel was a critical care osteopathic physician at Mount Carmel West Hospital which is part of Mount Carmel Health System and its parent company Trinity Health.

“I’m the lawyer for the people of Ohio and I’m looking forward to this hearing so the facts can come to light,” Yost said.

In addition to seeking the surrender of Husel’s license, Attorney General Yost has contacted the Ohio Department of Medicaid seeking to terminate Husel’s ability to provide services to Medicaid patients and has offered criminal investigative support to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

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