Fredericktown EMS Takes a Look Back

On this date, in 1979 the Village of Fredericktown signed over ambulances and all equipment to the newly formed Fredericktown Community Joint Emergency Ambulance District.

The initial Board members that worked very diligently to ensure for the safety of the community are listed below:

Mr. Jim Elder – Berlin Twp
Mr. Don Bryan – Morris Twp
Mr. Grover Wilkinson – Wayne Twp
Mr. Walder Bishop – Middlebury Twp
Mr. Grover Strouse – Pike Twp
Mr. Dan Snyder – Frederick Twp

The Board employed a clerk for all of the financial and record keeping, Ms. Barb Clutter served as the Clerk from August 1978 until 1994.

(Pictured are some early photos of ambulances that were operated early on)

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