Knox County Level 1 Snow Emergency

As of 7:50 this morning, Knox County has downgraded to a level 1 snow emergency.  Just as a reminder, please find the list of Snow Emergency Levels and their descriptions below.


Snow alert level 1

Designed to advise motorists of hazardous road conditions created by ice, blowing and drifting snow. No roadways are closed, unnecessary travel is discouraged, and extreme caution is urged.

Snow advisory level 2

Designed to advise motorists that all, or certain roadways in the county are hazardous with icy spots, blowing and drifting snow causing low visibility. Only persons who deem it necessary to travel should be on the roadways. Employees should contact their employer to determine if they should report to work.

Snow emergency level 3

Declared when ice, blowing and drifting snow have created extremely hazardous road conditions. Conditions have caused the closing of all or certain roadways to all but emergency and essential persons. No one should be on the roadway unless absolutely necessary. All nonemergency and non-essential personnel traveling may be charged with misconduct at an emergency ORC 2917.13.


Keeping nonessential traffic off the roadways allows snow removal crews to be more effective.

The County Sheriff’s office is without authority to arbitrarily determine what occupations, job descriptions, or duties constitute essential or nonessential employees. Please do not call the dispatch center or ask law enforcement if you are to report to work. 

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