Danville/Brinkhaven Police Report – Sep 28, 2018

Danville/Brinkhaven Police Report – Sep 28, 2018
(Information courtesy of The Danville Police Department)

Sept 24
K-9 unit conducted a detail for Fredericktown Schools
Assisted a disabled vehicle/motorist – Fredericktown-Amity Road
Assisted a disabled vehicle/motorist – Danville-Amity Road
Disturbance – West Rambo Street, Danville
Traffic violation (cracked windshield) – Tilton Street, Danville
Traffic violation (left of center) – Tilton Street, Danville
Conducted K-9 search of vehicle for illegal drugs/contraband w/positive hit – South Market Street, Danville. Report filed w/Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges to be filed against a known adult male & female
Assisted police unit – South Market Street, Danville

Sept 25
Unruly Juvenile – West Rambo Street, Danville

Sept 26
School Resource Officer assisted Danville schools w/issue

Sept 27
Traffic violation (speed) – South Market Street, Danville
A $15 gas drive-off was reported from a South Market Street business, Danville. Officer made contact w/motorist who then returned to pay

Sept 28
Conducted two separate K-9 details for an outside law enforcement agency – Sycamore Road
Two separate traffic violations (speed) – South Market Street, Danville
Littering – East Main Street, Danville