Fredericktown Weekly Police Report – Aug 25, 2018

Fredericktown Weekly Police Report – Aug 25, 2018
(Information courtesy of The Fredericktown Police Department)

911 hang-up call on N. Main St.
Animal-related complaint on S. Main St.
Traffic complaint on St. Rt. 13
Carly R. Krzoski, Mt. Vernon, citation for expired plates
Kayla P. Schaade, Mt. Vernon, summons for theft

Well-being check on Zent Ave.
Mental health-related incident on Mermary Dr.
Well-being check on N. Main St.
Disturbance on E. 1st St.
Carolyn R. Hughes, Fredericktown, citation for speed

Traffic complaint on Mt. Vernon Ave.
Parking complaint on E. Sandusky St.
Well-being check on E. 4th St.
Suspicious person on W. Sandusky St.

Suspicious person on Columbus Rd.
Fraud complaint on S. Main St.
Theft of checks on High St.
Steven R. Wagner, Mt. Vernon, citation for seat belt violation

Marcus D. Willie, Virginia, citation for speed and driving under suspension
Marcus D. Willie, Virginia, arrested on an outstanding warrant
Drug-related report on St. Rt. 13
Found property (syringe) on N. Main St.
Found property (syringe) on S. Main St.
Found property (concealment container) on Malibu Cir.
Juvenile related complaint on Stadium Dr.
Residential alarm on Miami Ave.
Animal-related complaint on S. Main St.
Traffic complaint on Salem Ave.
Drug-related incident on Watson St.
Lowell T. Adams, Mansfield, citation for speed
Steven R. Elliott, Ashland, citation for speed

Found property (keychain) on W. 1st St.
Disturbance on N. Main St.
Mental health-related incident on N. Mulberry St.
Suspicious vehicle on E. College St.
Beverly A. Schmeichel, Fredericktown, citation for speed

Assisted the Sheriff’s Office on E. 4th St.
Well-being check on High St.
Burglary on W. 4th St.
Theft of patio furniture on W. Sandusky St.

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