STNA Instructor Wanted

STNA Instructor
Nursing at Knox Technical Center
Mount Vernon · Part-time job

The purpose of this position is to instruct students at the post-secondary level who are pursuing an occupation in the medical field. Instruction will be delivered in the classroom, laboratory and/or clinical settings. This is a part-time position and does not include benefits.

Acceptable Education, Training, and Experience:
Individuals who are considering a Primary Instructor position must have at least two years (year defined as a minimum of
1600 hours) of RN/LPN experience in the care of the elderly or chronically ill of any age.* At least one of those years must be as an RN/LPN in a nursing home. Nursing home hours must be verified via letters from current and/or previous employers where the work was provided. Individuals considering a PI position have similar requirements; the nursing home component is not a requirement but is highly recommended. Completion of an ODH-approved Train The Trainer program is also required for PIs.

Send Resume and Cover Letter to:
Knox Technical Center
Attn: Amy Main
308 Martinsburg Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
740-393-2933 ext. 1154

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