8 Activities to Keep Your Kids Occupied During Summer Vacation (Besides the Summer Job)

In June, teens are amped for summer vacation. But as the school-free weeks go on and on, boredom usually sets in. And that’s where problems could start. According to reports, summer break is when a lot of teens take drugs for the first time. Here are some activities to keep your young loved ones engaged to, hopefully, have a drug-free summer vacation.

Be a Boss

If your teen has a money-making mindset and marketable skill, he or she may want to start their own summer gig.  From mowing the lawn, babysitting, tutoring to even creating their own app, the sky really is the limit.








Go Outside and Get Moving

Going for regular runs, organizing pick-up basketball or football games, playing soccer, etc, – all of these are great, healthy activities for your teen to do during the summer.  It’s also a cure for “in-the-house-all-day-blues.”

Get Artsy

Is your teen more on the creative side?  If so, beading, painting, scrapbooking, origami, and similar activities can be great ways to occupy his or her time during the long summer days.

Exploring Roots

Are you heading to a family reunion this summer?  If so, you may want to get your teen interested in creating an elaborate family tree.  In addition to the names and photos of extended family members, they can also include short stories or quotes that they would get from each person.  Not only is this a really good opportunity for your teen to get to know their aunts, uncles, and cousins, it also gives him or her a lasting document they can look back on for the rest of their lives and pass on to their children.

Take Pretty Pictures

Whether using that pricey camera you got them for Christmas, for a smartphone, photography can be an awesome (and addictive) summer hobby for your teen.  Vacations, trips to the amusement park, beach, or just to the backyard can serve as inspiration as they set out to document their summer. They could also set up a separate Instagram account to show off their growing photography and filtering skills to their friends.

Learn a New Language

Hablas espanol?  Summer break is a wonderful opportunity to learn a new language.  Wheather going the structured route (by using online language programs) or watching telenovelas, the experience exposes your teen to a new culture and can have a long-lasting impact.

Serve the Community

Whether your teen likes animals, parks or the arts, they can usually find volunteer opportunities connected to their interests during the summer.  VolunteerMatch.org is a good website to check out to find opportunities in your community.

In-Home Chef

Does your teen like to eat?  Find a cookbook that has many of your teen’s favorite dishes, go grocery shopping once a week, then leave the cooking to them.  Not only would this cut down on the complaints about your cooking, they are also using a little bit of creativity when creating their dishes and setting the table.

The key to finding summer activities for your teen is to follow where his or her interests are.  If they can find hobbies or activities that they really enjoy, they will be less likely to be tempted by drugs.

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