Rescue Task Force

Yesterday, members of many agencies that serve Fredericktown and surrounding communities came together to be educated on the Rescue Task Force concept that can be utilized during an Active Killer situation.

Participants spent the morning reviewing procedures and needed equipment. In the afternoon, the participants practiced in making entry into the “Warm Zone” of the Active Killer incident.

Even though this was training, we would be remised if we didn’t say that emotions were going all different directions at times. Many of the members present have children or family members that are in the school building several hours a day.

Thank you to the Fredericktown Police Department for hosting the class and to our instructors Micah and Eric for their wealth of knowledge on this subject.

We do look forward to continuing to refine our policies and procedures for an event like this and we pray every day that this training, much like many others are just that, training. But be assured, in the event of an event of this nature, the participants that were present will be ready and willing to provide this service.

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