Letter from Lady Freddies

After a long night filled with emotion, our 2018 season has come to a close.

We wish those that remain in the running for the state tournament the best, and we wish we were moving forward, but we know that we have a lot to work on in the next year.

It is such an honor to be a part of Fredericktown’s program and I cannot thank our coaching staff Allison Whaley and Jeff Keener for all of their time and efforts this year.

As we close the book on our 2018 season, it’s my deepest wish that our players regret nothing, that they never gave up, that they will let the results of our season be a driving force in their offseason to always get better every single day.

Pay attention ladies and families for our banquet date will soon be determined and we will also have a time to return uniforms and bags.

With so much love, I cannot wait to improve myself this summer and come back ready to fight in 2019!

Seniors Amanda Hawk and Alexis Stringfellow, we will miss you both dearly!! Amanda your selfless attitude, positivity, and It’s not about me motto is going to serve you well forever post-graduation. Lex, your drive to be better than the girl next to you will serve you well in your college career on the field. Remain coachable and honest and you will do great things.

To all younger players, I cannot wait to see you grow in the offseason, we all have things to work on, myself included. What a season to remember. Thanks for a great year two…. Year three though… Better watch out, we are out for HUGE accomplishments!

Lady Freddie’s! ❤️❤️

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