City of Mount Vernon Administration Addresses Fire Captain’s Inappropriate Conduct

The City of Mount Vernon Administration has worked through a challenging situation since learning of the inappropriate conduct of a Fire Captain. The employee involved in the incident, a career employee of the Fire Department, was issued a suspension lasting 45 calendar days, or fifteen (15); 24-hour tours of duty. The conduct was clearly inappropriate and the City moved promptly to address the conduct and issue discipline. Many factors are considered in issuing discipline including years of service and prior discipline. The penalty was based on these factors and the nature of the incident. As such, the investigation and discipline have been finalized.

This was an isolated incident. Everyone involved regrets the incident occurred. Administration and all employees have learned the importance of appropriate conduct within the Department. Mount Vernon Fire Department employees perform important services in our community with a high level of professionalism.

The standards of conduct and the system of reporting were in place and worked. The City and Fire Administration will continue to work to maintain and build the trust of the citizens of Mount Vernon.


Richard K. Mavis, Mayor
Joel Daniel, Safety Service Director
Chad Christopher, Fire Chief

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