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Several people have recently inquired as to the status of the Fredericktown Community Center. In the 1990’s, a Fredericktown Community Center Steering Committee was formed in an effort to determine the local demand for and the feasibility of building a recreation center for the Fredericktown community at some point in the future. This committee was chaired by Scott Smith and Dr. William Elder served as vice-chair. This committee was also comprised of other community leaders and area residents of all ages, including senior citizens. The committee eventually moved toward a fund raising endeavor with the goal of raising enough money to build a facility to serve the recreational needs of those living in and working in the Fredericktown area.
The Village of Fredericktown was not involved in this fund raising project, nor did the Village collect or serve as a depository or custodian of any of the funds donated toward the Community Center. There were tentative plans to build the proposed Community Center on the Village-owned property at Dana Park, adjacent to the police station, but there was never a formal agreement put in place and such a partnership never materialized.
The Village of Fredericktown is not in a financial position to build or operate and maintain such a facility and there is no indication that the Village will have the financial resources to be directly involved in such a project in the future. The Village provides services pertaining to health and public safety and these services include: law enforcement, waste water management, water distribution, street & right-of-way maintenance and repair, and storm water management, but we do not provide recreation services. Any questions pertaining to the status of the proposed Community Center should be directed to either Scott Smith or Dr. William Elder.

Mayor Jerry L. Day

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  1. finally an answer ………. I know many who have asked local council members and have not been given an answer thank you for answering this question and bring light to this topic.

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