Third Class of Canines Graduate the Patrol’s Academy

COLUMBUS – Five canines graduated Friday from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy. The canines and their handlers trained together for 10 weeks to earn Police Service Dog certification by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council. Each canine mastered narcotic detection, tracking apprehension, or both.

Canine                         Handler                                                            Agency
Roo                             Officer Matthew L. Shipley                  Chillicothe Police Department
Tina                            Officer Matthew W. Jackson                Riverside Police Department
Benzo                         Trooper Timothy B. Williamson          Ohio State Highway Patrol
Karo                           Trooper Bryan A. Holden                    Ohio State Highway Patrol
Max                            Trooper Michael D. Rucker                 Ohio State Highway Patrol

Canine Karo and Canine Max, the Patrol’s canines, were purchased with donations given by the Stanley family. Canine Roo, the Chillicothe Police Department’s canine, was purchased by a 13-year-old from Chillicothe who started a non-profit to raise money for her community. Canine Tina, the Riverside Police Department’s canine, was purchased with donation given from local businesses within the city of Riverside.

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