Arms of an Angel Police K9 Funding Project

Arms of an Angel’s next project (Feel free to share)…Many communities’ police or sheriff’s departments would love to have a well-trained drug / patrol dog to assist the fight against drugs and to help protect officers in certain situations…problem is, well-trained K-9s do not come cheap. Many budgets just don’t allow it. To help aid in the fight against illegal drugs, Arms of an Angel Foundation is stepping up. Ellen and I are working with the Community Foundation of Knox County and Knox County to set up an initial fundraising program to help Mount Vernon, OH Police Department get a police dog and protective vest for it. Price tag, $18,000. Arms of an Angel does not receive a dime of the funds. We will raise the funds and pass through the foundation directly to the Police Department. All contributions will be tax free. Details to follow. Once we get all the things in place, we’ll help any Ohio law enforcement agency raise the funds for a K-9 to help in Ohio’s war on drugs. The law enforcement agency just has to have a plan in place for the dog’s handling and care and show a need, budget wise. Don’t try to donate yet…Stay tuned. Blessings, Dave & Ellen Culbertson.

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