“Jump Rope & Hoops For Hearts” Participant Needs Your Help!

Jump Rope and Hoops for Hearts is a cause that is very near and dear to Danville fourth grader, Deacon Binegar.  Deacon was born with a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and for the past three years he has been a participant in this program at Danville Elementary School.  He is determined when it comes to finding donations for the cause.

Last year, Deacon raised an amazing $1,267 and this year his goal is even higher.  He is aiming to raise $2,000!  For a three week period, starting on January 27th and ending on February 17th, students ask for donations to be given to the school and that money is then given to the American Heart Association.  In these first few days, Deacon has already raised $260, with $110 online.

The last day of the program has been designated as “Deacon Day”. All of the teachers pay a dollar to wear jeans on that day, and the funds are added to the cause.  Not only does Deacon ask for funds, but his family supports him too.  His Mother, Elizabeth Diamond, uses Facebook to help raise funds.  If you would like to donate to Deacon’s campaign, please click here.

Deacon’s goal is to someday have as much awareness about heart conditions as there is for cancer.  He does not want to take anything away from cancer awareness, but would like to be able to match them. It is his hope that someday, he and others like him will be able to keep their own hearts, through advances in surgery and medicine, rather than have to wait for donor hearts to become available.

His intention is to continue to support this cause after transferring to Middle School and beyond. When asked how this condition affects him personally, Deacon was quick to respond.

Deacon 3 days post fontan (3rd stage of hybrid staged surgery, age 2)

“My heart condition is not affecting me in any way.  The one thing that I will never be able to fulfill (is) I wanted to play hockey. ”

Instead, he has set his goals on becoming a video game tester or possibly moving to Asia to study Red Pandas and help endangered animals.

Deacon also asked that we relay his heartfelt gratitude to Gahanna Animal Hospital, who donated $100 to his cause this year.

Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Week runs from February 7th through to the 14th this year. If you would like to support children with this condition, please check out the details from the link below.

Rock the Runway – Children’s fashion show featuring Congenital Heart Defect Heroes

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