PUCO Nominating Council Seeks Applicants For Commissioner Position


COLUMBUS, OHIO (Dec. 11, 2016) – The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Nominating Council is seeking applications for the position of commissioner of the PUCO to fill two vacancies. The first is for an unexpired term commencing upon appointment by the governor and ending on April 10, 2020, and the second for a five-year term that begins on April 11, 2017. Applications must be delivered to the Nominating Council no later than 5 p.m. EST on Jan. 12, 2017.

The PUCO Nominating Council is a broad-based 12-member panel that screens candidates for the position of PUCO commissioner. The PUCO is comprised of five commissioners appointed to rotating, five-year terms by the governor. The commissioners are responsible for regulating Ohio’s investor-owned public utilities.

After reviewing the résumés of all applicants, the Nominating Council will narrow the list to those most qualified for the positions. On Jan. 26, 2017, the Nominating Council will meet to interview the selected applicants and determine the four most qualified persons for each position and submit those names to Governor Kasich. The governor will have 30 days to either appoint a commissioner from the list or request a new list from the Nominating Council. The governor’s appointment is subject to confirmation by the Ohio Senate.

The full text of the commissioner position posting is provided below. For additional information about the PUCO appointment process please visit www.PUCO.ohio.gov.

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