Statement from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Senator John Glenn


(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued the following statement following the death of former United States Senator John Glenn:

Fran and I are deeply saddened by the death of Senator John Glenn.

There is no doubt – John Glenn always had the “Right Stuff.”  He was an American hero. 

I remember vividly, as a freshman at Yellow Springs High School, sitting in science class and, like so many Americans, listening to the radio and watching on TV later in the day, as John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.  That day, he captured the hearts of Americans and guaranteed his place in the history of this country and in the history of the world.

As a United States Senator, John Glenn was a workhorse.  He wasn’t flashy or looking for TV cameras, but instead, Senator Glenn was interested in the real work of the United States Senate.

My first campaign for the U.S. Senate was against Senator Glenn.  In spite of a tough campaign that I lost, he was gracious when I was sworn in to Ohio’s other Senate seat two years later.  I was proud to serve with him in the Senate for four years, focusing on what we could do together to help Ohio families.

Fran and I and our children were thrilled to be present for Senator Glenn’s second launch into space in 1998.  I took a picture of that launch, which he graciously signed for me. That picture hangs in our home in Cedarville.

No matter where he traveled in the United States, across the world, or even into outer space, Senator Glenn was always proud to call New Concord, Ohio home. He met the love of his life, Annie, there in New Concord when they were toddlers.  Their 73-year marriage is an inspiration to us all.

Fran and I extend our deepest and sincerest condolences to Mrs. Glenn and to their children and grandchildren.

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