App Lets You See the World Through Their Eyes


If someone in your life has an age-related eye disease, such as macular degeneration, cataracts or glaucoma, it’s helpful to know how they see the world. When it comes to preventing falls, being able to see things through the eyes of an older loved one might make a big difference. Our partners at Prevent Blindness Ohio recently released an app for smart phones and tablets that can help you do just that.

AR Eye is available for free in the Apple AppStore and Google Play, and uses your device’s camera to simulate five different eye diseases. On-screen and voice narration describe each condition and explain the effects they have on vision. The app also includes an animation mode that explains how your vision works, as well as an interactive mode that allows you to select and learn more about the parts that make up our eyes.

Vision is an important part of preventing falls. Older adults should have their vision checked by an eye care professional at least annually and update and use corrective lenses as prescribed. In some cases, vision lost to age-related eye disease cannot be recovered, but it is possible to continue to live an active, fulfilling and safe life with vision impairment.


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